Who & What is most Important in Your Relationships?

EVERYTHING in life is about relationships.

We have relationships with people, pets, time, food, money, sports, work, our car, the lawnmower, books, games, movies, music, politics, the land, plants, water – everything we do, touch and interact with in some way creates a relationship.

  • Some of these relationships are full of respect, love, support where you feel safe. Some are not.

  • Some are filled with judgment, shame, blame & criticism.

  • Some relationships are filled with anxiety, stress, misery and fear.

  • Some are fleeting and momentary, others are long term.

  • Some are intermittent and will come and go.

  • The most vital and constant relationship we will ever have, from a natural perspective is the relationship we have with ourselves.

You see, we are NEVER EVER separated from our self.

Every time we turn around, there we are, in the wonderful times, in the times that are not wonderful and when everything is just going along ho hum – there we are. Even the cells, organs, endocrines & body parts have relationships with us, with our thoughts & beliefs within us

We are constantly interacting with our self, holding conversations, mostly one sided, and sometimes with little respect, kindness, appreciation and support.

I read some years ago that the relationship we have with anything is reflected in every relationship we have. Kind of a daunting thought really. Especially when we know that our relationships are less than what we would really like them to be.

Are you deeply happy with your relationship?

If so – congratulations, well done and keep up the splendid work – for healthy relationships DO require working at.

If not…..may I share some tips.

  • Start looking at your relationships, without judgment – look to learn, to understand.

  • Identify things you would like to be different, and ask yourself what YOU would be prepared to do to be the change you want to see.

  • Look at the relationship you have with yourself – for the best relationship keys for us to work with are within. This takes great courage and clarity, and is do-able. It is important to be in a place of observation, a place of no judgment, no criticism, no shame and no blame.


Does your relationship with others, yourself or things have more anxiety, stress, misery and fear, judgment, shame, blame & criticism than love, respect, support, kindness and appreciation in it?

No matter what condition your relationships are in, change is possible. I found myself in a relationship where I despaired of ever feeling happy, content, heard, respected and supported. In 12 months I feel happy, that I matter; I feel more assertive, more respected and supported.

Just know that You Matter, You are Worth the Best Relationships, in every area of your life.

You have the choice to stay where you are, or to look deeper, change your thoughts, words and actions and to make choices that will take you to remarkable relationships.

Safety and Respect are the most important things in your relationships & You are the most important person

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