TODAY - today is the day. You have awoken, you are alive, you have another opportunity.

Today is what you have.

This moment.

You may have woken with a feeling...a fantastic feeling, a good feeling or a not so good feeling.

This feeling sets the tone for your day. YES you CAN change it any time - and you alone can change it - no one else can.

Words are powerful - ask yourself, "How do I feel today?" sit with that for a moment. Just observe - no labeling, no judgement.

NOW reword that, and ask "How SHALL I feel today?" Now sit with that, with those words.

FEEL the difference. Empowering aye!. You feel like you have a choice!

Now, can I share something you may not see yet?

You DO have choice, every moment, of how you feel. Cool that - now you can start practicing choice.

Imagine your options of how you could feel today being like this candy bar - what option will you choose?

Some choices will taste better than others, some you may well “spit out” as soon as you have tasted, others you will savor, will thoroughly enjoy. Just choose, and know if it is not to your liking, then you have another choice.

So, when we feel without a doubt that our backs are against the wall, that all the choices we wanted have been taken away, or maybe even that there is no point in choosing, because it always goes wrong, you get yelled at, or rejected, what do we do? Just what are our options?

OR when we feel that the choices are so overwhelming, we are unable to make that choice, what are we to do?

Either way you have a very powerful option, that is yours alone and that no one else can interfere with, change or even know about.

You can choose how you feel, right now in this moment. Impossible, you say – yeah, I used to believe so too, to the extent, I often did not even pretend to make an attempt to feel differently. HOWEVER, when I did make some attempt – wow, I wondered what took me so long!

It is said “practice makes perfect”. However I feel that practice builds strength, confidence and opportunity for change. So I challenge you, give this a go, begin the practice of choice, and see where it leads you. Just choose how you want to feel.

I choose to feel happy. Then I look for things that help me feel happy. It may be things I have experienced in the past, the memory of that person, pet, experience, it may be something I can dream about in the future. It may be a flower, a pet, a baby, a loved one. What ever helps you have feelings of happiness.

And if for some chance you wish to apply this to the larger range of choices, like this lad is faced with, know that If what you choose tastes awful, then you can make another choice, even if just to get the ugly taste out of your mouth! Happy Choosing!

So much to choose from...

#overwhelm #rejected #confidence #change

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