We want the best for our kids -

Yet how do we know - we sure can remember the things that upset and hurt us most from our childhood, and what we DO NOT WANT for them

As parents we do our best - yet struggle trying to connect with our kids, to understand them, always doubting whether we’re doing a good enough job, and what the kids will turn out like.

Parenting brings out the subconscious stuff that we picked up from our parents – way things were done, or not done, how to discipline, “do as I say and not as I do” stuff, and often stuff we wish we never said or did, or was done or said to us and we often will hear our parents voices often when we open our mouth.

Did you know one of the main challenges parents face is that they are still learning, growing and navigating uncharted waters themselves - no matter how many parenting books are written, no-one is you, with your understandings, beliefs or experiences and NO ONE has your kids!

How can we help our kids when we still have unresolved issues – they see right through us.

erena oliver

What makes erena different?

24 years ago my marriage was headed for the rocks on a speedboat.  We had 3 young children and I saw them being damaged + distraught by the relationship conflict they were surrounded in.  I wanted better for them, I wanted better for me and I wanted better for my husband. I was so angry, jealous, depressed and resentful because I could not understand why I was not treated with the same or better respect than the staff, others in the community and clients.  I was desperately trying to do everything right, be a great mum and wife, yet everything I did seemed to create more accusations, anger and disrespect.  I felt really unsupported and unloved – it seemed that everyone else and work came before me and the kids, and I was like a clock on the wall, just to be glanced at occasionally, used and then unnoticed.  The weight piled on and I felt worse, and I really started to believe that I was unlovable and I was the problem – it was all my fault!    After anger management and counselling, there was a slight improvement, however it was not going to do what I wanted, give me back my happiness, respect + love – there was no organisation who understood or even seemed to have a solution...so I took my issue into my own hands and set out to create a solution – by trial + error – even if it killed me, I was going to find a way to get to the bottom of this situation.

I have found powerful ways to transform the misery and desolation that feeling like a victim creates in your life to creating more joy, empowerment, self-respect, self-assertiveness and self-assurance in my life. It inspires me to share these tools, strategies and knowledge with you, so you can create transformation, more ease and potential in your own life.

My life was a hellish struggle with seeming insurmountable obstacles, multiple past and present upsets, unfairness’s and traumas.  Now I have found a place where I love to be, a place of peace, contentment, of deep and sustainable relaxation, tolerance and respect towards myself and others, self-confidence and feelings of empowerment as I achieve my potential and continue to create a life I never believed possible.

Throughout these years, I got more excited, because I realized that if I could turn my life around, then others could too – especially if they had the tools!  And I was creating an awesome set of tools that were working for me, so I wanted to share them with you.  I know how vital support is through this process, and how important it is to help each person find their unique solution, as well as learn to be adaptable, as their process unfolds – especially with health issues or relationship challenges.   

I gathered tools and skills, looked deep within, learnt, made mistakes, kept trying and found some simple, yet awesome keys to unlock the mystery of conflict, bullying and relationship issues.  I really got to understand the hidden keys to these issues

We are still together – and have a closer, more fun + open relationship than I ever dreamed possible.  I did not have his support, as he did not recognise there was even an issue, yet I did not give up on myself or our kids, and while I did not know what the outcome would be, I did not give up on him either. 

I now have a deep peace, and I am loved and respected, I have a huge appreciation for my life, for our life together and tools to work with any issue that presents itself – for we are both human! 

I have discovered strengths and weaknesses I never knew about myself, and I now want to share them with others, wanting a better life, relationship and example for their children.

You have all your answers inside of you – I – like the detective can help you find them, as we journey this path together. 


I hold a key to the door that takes you out of the prison of disempowerment to find your answers. Each person journey is totally unique, and they will travel it in a way that is best for them in their particular situation - I specialise in helping you unfold your journey in the easiest and simplest way to get you the best results and achieve the life you want, that you can only dream of at this time. You break free from your prison to a calmness, peace and to relationships you never dreamed possible.


I use the tools, understandings and knowledge from Psychophysiology, BodyTalk, Chinese Medicine Principles, Accunect, Aromatherapy, First Light Flower Essences and my nursing background, along with my personal journey and that of clients over the years.   

Become Bully-Proof in ALL Your Relationships

If you are feeling powerless as a parent -

  • wanting to help your teen,

  • not knowing where to start,

  • what to say or do

If you have borne the brunt of being 

  • bullied, abused 

  • disempowered, disrespected 

  • unheard, unseen

for too long?  Do you want a breakthrough?  You may -

  • have lost sight of who you are,

  • and feel you have lost the ability and strength to change anything. 

  • not understand what is happening or why.

I can help you

  • Find Clarity - understanding what is happening and what you can do to change it.

  • Reclaim your Identity - give you tools that will give you the ability to break through the limitations and restrictions holding you back and

  • Reclaim empowerment and contentment.


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